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Demo Reel

My Steadicam Operatoring Reel.

Steadicam Reel 2014 from Matthew L. Perez on Vimeo.

Always being updated as new projects are completed feel free to check out some of my recent work as well.

Recent Steadicam Work

LINDA FARROW + BOFFO | W Magazine from Swoon NYC on Vimeo.



About Me

Phone number: (845) 891-5978 | Email Me at

(On set of "Spiders" music video Photo by, Greg Meola)

Hello, Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Matt a Steadicam Owner/Operator and well versed Camera Assistant based out of the Hudson Valley. I'm also a proud member of the Steadicam Operator's Association. I found interest in the film and television world at a young age. Whether it was watching sports games or watching Television shows I knew I wanted to work in this industry. I moved out to Florida to attend Film School. Upon Graduation I moved back to New York. Currently Living up in New Paltz, NY. Though I'm always open to work in anywhere in the tri-state area. I always look forward to meeting and working with different people.

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